Why Did I get involved with The Global Cash Mavericks?



I like Global Cash Mavericks for the following reasons...Number one is Team Support. All of our members support one another 100%. Whether it's by commenting and rating promotional YouTube videos or simply giving good advice. I like the fact that Global Cash Mavericks have a 24 hour Skype chatroom. A place we can all go online and communicate with other like minded members. Although we're all in different businesses for ourselves. We are definitely not by ourselves. Finally, I like the fact that Global Cash Mavericks are willing to share marketing secrets. We have so many members that specialize in different areas of Online and Offline marketing. Well, as they say. More heads are better that one. These are some of the main reasons I like being a Team member of the Global Cash Mavericks-


~ Gary Ramsey, Calgary Alberta Canada 



I live in Northern California with husband. I became a member of the Global Cash Mavericks Team because when I spoke to a partner of The Global Cash Mavericks, he was so motivated it inspired me to want to find out more about the training and being able to ask questions from other members of the team so I spoke with my husband to see what his opinion on this was and he said "Why not"? I am looking forward to learning along with others how we as a team can help one another. Thank You! 

~ Martha Mays, Stockton California 



I have several things to say about The Global Cash Mavericks:
#1 =  What makes this team so unique is the sense of team work.  No matter what you are trying to accomplish, someone will STRIVE WITH YOU to get it. 
#2 = There is no competition on this team.  Rather than bragging about how many gifts someone has gotten, they brag about how they can HELP YOU get some gifts! 
#3 = Have you ever needed someone to be on call when you are feeling down in the dumps?  Well, that is where the 24 hr chat room comes in at.  There are people from all over this world on this team, and that means there are people on the chat all hours of the day. 
#4 = And the last thing that I will comment on is going to be the DRIVE that they give one another.  Everyone DRIVES everyone so much that it makes you take this whole activity serious.  Never a dull moment within this team!! 
Those are just some of the reasons that I love being a part of The Global Cash Mavericks.  I have not even mentioned all the free online market training, and other goodies that you get. Just trust me when I say, you will NEVER find a better team!! 
~ Chris Little, Dallas Texas



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